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We are an Independent, Whole of Market Mortgage Broker based in the heart of the country but offering a National service to mortgage customers. Montgomery Financial is a company committed to giving great client service, transparent and jargon free advice. We adhere to the Financial Conduct Authority’s ‘Treating Customers Fairly‘ benchmark and runs through the company’s DNA.

As a company built on referrals and recommendations, client service via purposeful, accurate, and clear communication . Let us take the stress away, so you can get ready for your new home. We understand that whether you are a 1st time buyer, a home mover or an experienced portfolio landlord, house purchase can be an extremely difficult time. We want to help you through this purchase as well as the next and put in a plan so you can eventually be mortgage free!

We offer free initial consultations to new and existing clients with an understanding that getting a mortgage to buying a property is one of the most important financial transactions you will ever make

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Are you unsure about how much you can potentially borrow? Take a look a look at our free no obligation affordability calculator.

"We want you to work with Montgomery Financial because quite simply we are good at what we do! We aim to know mortgages inside and out and are always updating our knowledge base and using technology to ensure we are getting you the right deal within Northamptonshire."

Quite simply don’t go anywhere else...

Charles Breen

Founder and
Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director

, Home, Montgomery Financial
, Home, Montgomery Financial

Mortgage Advisors FAQs

In the past, you would have been able to speak to your bank manager about getting a mortgage, but with banks closing their branches everywhere even getting an appointment is becoming harder never mind speaking to your bank manager. Also we are unlike your bank as we are able to provide advice on products from more than one lender, offering you a much wider choice.

Our mortgage advisors act as the middleman between the lender and yourself the borrower. We work on your behalf and in your best interests  and not the lender while offering the widest possible consumer protection. 

As qualified mortgage specialists its our role to search for the right and most suitable mortgage product for your circumstances, using our knowledge and expertise to find the right solution for your circumstances. Deciding to get a mortgage is one of life’s truly big decisions and its why you need the right advice to empower you to make a truly informed decision: let our mortgage advisors help you make the right choice.

No. while comparison sites can be helpful in carrying out the initial self-research in the early stages of a mortgage journey, they are not as sophisticated as the specialist mortgage search tools at our disposal which will be able to accurately calculate your affordability, match your circumstances to the lenders criteria, ensuring you not just get the best rate but the best product for your circumstances.

Unlike arranging your car insurance finding the best mortgage for you requires a detailed understanding and knowledge of each lenders criteria and a thorough expertise of how lenders operate.

But more importantly than all of the above is the personal service that we offer. The mortgage process as everyone knows is a complex one, with a lot of complex forms and paperwork that you want to ensure is right first time, and with our expert knowledge we will ensure this is so. This is something that isn’t possible if you do your mortgage via a comparison site.

The simple answer is yes. Before your advisor would show you any of the products available we’ll start the process with and extensive conversation, taking the time to truly understand your individual circumstances and what it is are your priorities when it comes to a mortgage, what your budget is and any circumstances that may affect your ability to borrow. This enables us to find a mortgage which works best for you and your family.

We do this by calculating what you can realistically afford, taking into account all income and expenditure, looking to understand your individual situation and needs, then offer you bespoke advise based on this and our comprehensive expertise. With this information the challenge of finding the right mortgage becomes a little easier.

When you involve a mortgage advisor early in the home buying process it maximises our ability to help you and ensure that you are able to present your circumstances in the best light possible, allowing you to reduce the risk of the disappointment and frustration of being rejected by a lender. Basically the sooner you contact an advisor the better!!

Our mortgage advisors will help you understand how much you can borrow and this information will ultimately dictate the price range you will be searching for properties within. 

If you happen to have your heart set on a specific house before you have spoken to an advisor then there is every chance that you have overestimated how much you can afford to borrow, making the home that you have set your heart on unattainable. As you can imagine this is deeply frustrating and can be truly demoralising and embarrassing.

We don’t just advise on your purchase price range, but we will also give you a comprehensive breakdown of all the other costs involved in the not just the application process but the house purchase process, so you are fully prepared before you start your home buying journey.

Speak to a mortgage specialist today to give you the best chance of getting your dream home.

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