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Why Choose Us?

Coming from a traditional large Irish family the competition between 6 boys was always evident ! I decided therefore to break with family tradition and become a pharmacist! It was a bit of a leap and to compound things, moved to the North East of England to study. I quickly found out that it wasn’t for me, partly due to the insular world I had grown up with and partly that making such big moves together was a bit much for an 18-year-old

I moved back to Ireland and trained as a teacher and decided that I would try my luck back in England, and took a post at a great school in Peterborough, even though I wasn’t completely sure where Peterborough was!

Teaching was fantastic and the rewards and memories will be everlasting. It wasn’t vocational enough for me though, and after 7 years a change of career was needed. By this time I’d met my partner and with her support encouragement and complete backing I decided to try something else. A friend of mine was a mortgage broker and he explained the role, and how he thought it would suit my personality and 5 years later he was definitely right ! He mentioned the role could be lots of things but couldn’t put into words accurately enough the great sense of fulfilment of helping people secure their home and protecting their families
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Where Are We?

We are based in Northamptonshire but can offer advice further afield via zoom anywhere in the country. You will always have access via your broker to a range of lenders and insurers that provide mortgages and protection that isn’t necessarily available on the high street or through search engines. We aim to provide you with advice that you can understand and navigate you through this journey to help you understand the jargon and make things as easy as possible for you as a customer. 

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, About Us, Montgomery Financial
, About Us, Montgomery Financial

As soon as you get in contact with Montgomery Financial you will be allocated your own personal mortgage adviser who will be in constant contact with you and will be able to assist you in your client journey. They will share their wealth of knowledge of all things mortgage and are best suited to advise you of your own personal circumstances. We are here for the long run and the relationship you build with your mortgage adviser means you can trust them to get the best product available for you and to give you support and advice along the way.  

Are you unsure about how much you can potentially borrow? Take a look a look at our free no obligation affordability calculator.

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